Part of the Machine Solutions family of companies, SEBRA and Vante Biopharm lead the industry in sealing and welding technology utilizing the most reliable and robust technologies to seal and weld TPE, PVC and EVA tubing. SEBRA sealers are know for their reliability and have become the preferred sealer for blood and plasma collection and processing. Vante Biopharm is unmatched in sealing and welding equipment for sterile single-use processes such as biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

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Industries We Serve

Plasma and Blood Collection
and Processing

Our SEBRA® tube sealing systems are the ideal choice for use in whole-blood collection, processing, and storage operations. These sealers are compatible with the PVC and EVA tubing used in blood collection processes and procedures, and are available in both portable hand-held and bench-top configurations.

Biopharmaceutical and
Single Use Manufacturing

Our Vante® tube sealing and welding systems are the obvious choice for the dependable disconnection and connection of TPE, PVC, and EVA tubing used in biopharmaceutical and single-use manufacturing operations.

Industrial Manufacturing

Vante® can engineer and manufacture custom tube sealing systems for applications where unique custom solutions are required. This type of equipment can be designed to seal TPE, PVC, or EVA tubing.


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Small Diameter Tube Sealing
Large Diameter Tube Sealing
Large Diameter Tube Welding
Custom Industrial Equipment

Service and Support

Vante and SEBRA Aftermarket provides spare parts, upgrades, service and support to keep equipment running its best.
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Upgrades and Pre-Owned Inventory

Equipment upgrades are a flexible solution to update technology at a fraction of the cost of a new machine. We also resell pre-owned equipment to meet your project timelines and budget.
Pre-Owned Equipment

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