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Seal Multiple TPE Tubes At Once

Vante offers custom solutions for your tube sealing applications! Customize a 4160 Tube Sealer and begin sealing multiple TPE tubes at once. Reduce processing times byy 4x and increase product output up to 400%.   Customer Challenge: The customer presented a cycle time-sensitive application that required several bioreactors to be emptied in a short period […]

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Proper Sealing Techniques

SEBRA Proper Sealing Techniques

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SEBRA and Vante are the trusted names in tube sealing for the Cell Therapy, Bioprocessing, and Blood and Plasma collection and processing industries. These sealers make durable, uniform seals on all types of tubing to ensure sterility is maintained after disconnection. Proper techniques are important to ensure that the sealers perform to the best of […]

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Machine Solutions Inc. Acquires SEBRA® from Haemonetics

FLAGSTAFF, AZ – April 27, 2017 – Machine Solutions Inc. (“Machine Solutions”) expands its offering in the sealing space through its acquisition of SEBRA from Haemonetics Corporation. SEBRA is a leading manufacturer of tube sealing equipment for blood and plasma centers worldwide, with annual revenue of approximately $6 million. The SEBRA portfolio will be combined […]

Machine Solutions Inc. Acquires Vante Inc.

Move broadens company reach and brings combined richness of culture and experience by diversifying market leadership, aligning operational bases and expanding sales and distribution FLAGSTAFF, AZ – September 3, 2013 – Machine Solutions Inc. expands its presence in the medical device manufacturing equipment market with the announcement today that it has acquired Vante Inc., formerly […]