VanteBiopharm 3113-3120-Hub-Welding-System

Industrial Manufacturing Equipment

Vante® can engineer and manufacture custom tube sealing systems for applications where unique custom solutions are required. This type of equipment can be designed to seal TPE, PVC, or EVA tubing.

Custom RF equipment for industrial applications


The Vante Industrial RF Weld System produces radio frequency energy to a wide range of plastics for high-efficiency welding with a weld quality monitor. The system welds dielectric tubing to connectors and hubs at the proximal end of a catheter. Compact, reliable, and fast, the system forms strong welds on a variety of tubing forms and sizes. This system replaces labor-intensive adhesive and injection molding processes, reduces floor space requirements and eliminates the need to vent toxic fumes. The Vante Industrial RF Weld System consists of the model 3150 generator, a weld quality monitor and a pneumatic single or multiple station-welding platform, customized for your application.

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