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SEBRA® Bench-Top Tube Sealing System


The SEBRA Model 2600 OMNI™ Sealer

Compact, portable device which employs radio frequency (RF) to make uniform, quality seals on a variety of tubing sizes without power adjustment by the user. The Power Source consists of the Model 2600 Power Source (“the Power Source”) and the Model 1105, a handheld, manually-activated sealing head or the Model 2605, a bench-top automatic sealing head (“the Sealing Head”) which creates a seal that is formed by the sealing head jaws in such a way as to make segment separation easy and uniform.


  • Produces wide tear seals for quick disconnect
  • Power adjusts automatically to accommodate different sizes of tubing*
  • Compact Design


  • Easy to operate
  • Fast and reliable
  • No compressed air required
  • Handles heavy duty demands


Video & Images

SEBRA 2600 generator with 1105 hand-held sealing head
SEBRA 2600 generator with 1105 hand-held sealing head

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