SEBRA Benchtop Sealer

Sebra OMNI Sealer with Hand Held Sealing Head

SEBRA Benchtop Sealer 1 2 DESCRIPTION The SEBRA Model 2600 OMNI™ Sealer is a compact, portable device which employs radio frequency (RF) to make uniform, quality seals on a variety of tubing sizes without power adjustment by the user. The Power Source consists of the Model 2600 Power Source (“the Power Source”) and the Model 1105, a handheld, manually-activated sealing head or the Model 2605, a bench-top automatic sealing head (“the Sealing Head”) which creates a seal that is formed […]

SEBRA Hand Held RF Sealer

The SEBRA® Model 2380 hand-held tube sealer

Sebra Hand Held RF Sealer 1 2 DESCRIPTION The SEBRA® Model 2380 hand-held tube sealer meets the most stringent requirements for quality and reliability in high-volume, intensely demanding settings. Accommodating a hand-held sealing head (Model 1105), the system adjusts automatically for different sizes of tubing. The durable design fits in virtually any work area, and is ideally suited for mobile whole blood donation areas, component processing centers and stem cell laboratories. SEBRA sealers are based on state-of-the-art radio frequency (RF) […]