• Engineering Research & Associates, dba SEBRA established

    Engineering Research & Associates, dba SEBRA, is created in Tucson, AZ. SEBRA revolutionizes the Blood Collection Processing (BCP) industry by developing and patenting the very first Hand-Held RF Tube Sealer for creating permanent, sterile seals in blood tubing for use in the collection, storage, and processing of whole blood. SEBRA® continues the innovation and patenting of critical technologies necessary for the rapid development of the worldwide whole-blood and plasma collection sector through the 2000’s.

  • SEBRA – enters the Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing/Single-Use sector

    SEBRA enters the Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing/Single-Use sector with RF Tube Sealing systems. SEBRA has established itself as the worldwide leader of tube sealing systems.

  • SEBRA – adapts its technologies to the tipping and bonding

    SEBRA enters the Medical Device Manufacturing sector by adapting its technologies to the tipping and bonding of catheter tubing, creating the most precise offerings on the market. SEBRA continues to be the worldwide standard and obvious choice in the BCP industry for tube sealing systems through the 2000’s.

  • SEBRA – develops and manufacturs tube sealing for C-Flex®

    SEBRA continues into the Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing/Single-Use sector through the development and manufacturing of tube sealing and welding systems in an OEM agreement with Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics and their C-Flex® brand.

  • SEBRA – leads the way

    Under new leadership the SEBRA brand continues to lead the way in the development of new technologies in the BCP, Biopharmaceutical/Single-Use, and Medical Device Manufacturing sectors.

  • SEBRA sold to Haemonetics® Corp. – Engineering and Research & Associates creates Vante

    The SEBRA brand and portfolio of BCP products is sold to Haemonetics® Corp. Engineering and Research & Associates creates Vante in an effort to continue igniting innovation in the Medical Device Manufacturing and Biopharmaceutical/Single-Use sectors. Major investments are made in the advancement of manufacturing capacities in the Tucson facility.

  • Vante acquired by Machine Solutions

    Vante is acquired by Machine Solutions, headquartered in Flagstaff, AZ. Vante joins another Machine Solutions company, MSI, creating a larger presence in the Medical Device Manufacturing sector. MSI is recognized as the worldwide leader in stent crimping, balloon catheter pleating and folding, and catheter testing equipment.

  • Steeger USA acquired by Machine Solutions

    Machine Solutions acquires Steeger USA. Steeger, located in Steegerville, SC is considered the worldwide standard in wire and fiber braiding equipment, which adds another complimentary technology to the Medical Device Manufacturing portfolio.

  • PlasticWeld Systems acquired by Machine Solutions

    Machine Solutions acquires Plastic Weld Systems, located in Newfane, NY. PWS technologies compliment the existing Vante technologies, which further strengthen Machine Solutions as the industry-standard when it comes to catheter tipping, bonding, forming, and hole-making.

  • SEBRA re-acquired by Machine Solutions

    Welcome Home SEBRA. Machine Solutions re-acquires the SEBRA portfolio of products from Haemonetics, adding the SEBRA product line to the Vante Biopharm product line. Exciting updates to follow!

Our Team

Sebra and Vante back together again!

Vante® and SEBRA® brands are recognized as global leaders, providing innovating production equipment for blood and plasma collection, as well as single-use and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. We utilize the most reliable and robust technologies to seal and weld TPE, PVC and EVA tubing.

Through the acquisition of the SEBRA® product family in 2017, we are able to expand our product portfolio to give customers a wider range of solutions. This move also increases our ability to develop next generation offerings to address current and future needs within the industry.